Access to the Service

You can refer yourself or you can ask your doctor or another professional to refer you. We take referrals from health and social care professionals, probation, the police, court services and youth services

We are open Monday to Friday from 10am-6.30pm. We open later on Tuesday and Wednesday till 8.00pm.
Just walk in.

What can you expect?

When you arrive, we will welcome you and arrange for someone to come and talk to you in private about your issues and how they are affecting you. We will find out what steps you want to take, what your Immediate goals are and what your more long-term hopes are. This will take approximately 1-2 hours.

What next?

Following this assessment, we will start to plan the next steps with you. We will work with you to try to address any immediate issues straightaway.
Treatment plans are tailored to each individual but could involve further one-to-one sessions, therapy group sessions, peer support, day programmes, further medical assessment, medication, home alcohol detox, substitute prescribing, and other interventions.